Patio Life

Chilled Shellfish

We've UPGRADED our patios and outdoor dining rooms, and we know you'll enjoy the safe-yet-AWESOME experience. Let us know what you think!

Cocktails To Go

Cocktails To Go!

Now serving Takeout AND Cocktails To Go!
Small Batch (Makes 3 drinks) | $24
Large Batch (Makes 6 drinks) | $42

To ensure our entire crew and all of our guests are as SAFE as possible, we're updating our "Covid-19 Playbook" daily:


Games & Activities

thumbnail of Kids Menu

We don't ever re-use our Kid's Menus, and we recycle ALL of our crayons after one use too! We cannot wait for your whole family to visit us- and DINE with us... SAFELY!

The Must-Haves & More

photo of kid eating

We've got all the staples, but you know what's been the most popular with kids lately? A cup of Clam Chowder and a scoop of chocolate ice cream for Dessert!