We want our entire Crew and all of our Guests to be as SAFE as possible.
We're updating our "Covid-19 Playbook" daily:


Softshell Crab!

King's Dining Room

Nothing says “Summer” in the Chesapeake Bay like Soft Shell Crabs.  Harvested in Crisfield, Maryland and carefully packed, these crabs arrive live to our restaurants several days a week!

We Are OPEN!

King's Raw Bar

The day has finally arrived! #welcomeback

All of our restaurants have re-opened except for Long Beach, and we hope to be back to 100% soon!


Games & Activities

thumbnail of Kids Menu

We don't ever re-use our Kid's Menus, and we recycle ALL of our crayons after one use too! We cannot wait for your whole family to visit us- and DINE with us... SAFELY!

The Must-Haves & More

photo of kid eating

We've got all the staples, but you know what's been the most popular with kids lately? A cup of Clam Chowder and a scoop of chocolate ice cream for Dessert!