California Spiny Lobster

Wild Salmon

Live from Southern California, the Spiny Lobster Season runs from October through March. Fisherman land their catch from San Diego to Santa Barbara, and all the quaint coastal towns in between. These lobsters are enjoyed for their sweet crunchy meat, and they’re anticipated for their limited availability. From trap to boat and truck to plane- They’re flown in daily, direct to our live tanks!

Red King Crab

Soft Shell Crab

It wasn’t until the 1950s that our domestic fishery began to harvest this “King of Crabs” in high volumes.  Over 140 million pounds of Red King Crab were harvested in 1966 leading the fishery to collapse.  By comparison, today’s annual catch hovers around 10 million pounds in Alaska due to more effective management.

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By land or by sea, Happy Hour is for thee. Check out our awesome deals 3-6pm Monday-Friday....

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Cocktails & Wines & Beers & Sushi & Shooters & Taquito's & our Burger & MORE | Mon-Fri 3-6pm

#1 Kid's Menu in the USA

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We've got an epic Kid's Menu. Tons of games & activities to help keep kids busy at the table, crayons for creating, and a Meet-N-Greet with LIVE lobsters and oysters!

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We've got all the staples, but you know what's been the most popular with kids lately? A cup of Clam Chowder and a slice of Chocolate Cake. So cool!!!