Did you know just how good sushi is for you?

  • It is low in fat but rich in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Its proteins are highly digestible
  • Seaweed ( nori ) is rich with minerals
  • Ginger ( gari ) is a digestive aid and an immune system booster
  • Soy ( shoyu ) is high in protein, iron and potassium
  • Rice vinegar helps to lower blood pressure
  • Better still, did you know just how easy it is to find made-to-order sushi at our 12 King's Fish House locations in Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona? Our current sushi menu is just a click away!

And if you're hesitant to eat raw fish, there are plenty of sushi rolls made from cooked fish. Try our Crunchy Roll with shrimp tempura or our Cucumber Roll with fresh vegetables rolled inside.

To learn more about seafood and health, visit our nutrition page or Ask The Chief Seafood Officer to ask me questions directly.


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